Important Notes about basic concent of Kotlin

#Basics You do not need ; to break statements. Comments are similar to Java or C#, /* This is comment */ for multi line comments and // for single line comment. Unlike Java, you do not need to match your file name to your class name. Like JavaScript, you can create functions outside classes. So there is no… Read More »

Data Types in Kotlin

Data Types in Kotlin As you know, a variable is a location in memory (storage area) to hold data. In this section, we are going to learn basic topic data types in kotlin: numbers, characters, booleans, arrays, and strings. Bitwise operators left shift, right shift, unsigned right shift, logical and, logical or and exclusive logical or – are supported… Read More »

Defining Variable in Kotlin

Two type of keyword is used to defile a variable in Kotlin . these are val (immutable) var (mutable)

immutable : That means  you can not change the value . Assign value only one time . Its similar constant variable in strongly type language line c#, JAVA . If you uncomment this line program show compile type… Read More »

Kotlin Vs Java

Kotlin Vs Java This part we try to find out similarity and difference between Kotlin and Java . Java is world most popular language and its the official language of Android Development. Google I/O conference was a big announcement that Kotlin is the ??latest/new  programming language for Android Application Development. Java & Kotlin both are feasible programming languages. In our… Read More »

Kotlin Hello World

Kotlin Hello World This is kotlin programming language Series Tutorial. Here i have tried to use kotlin latest version. Today we will learn how to setup Intellij IDEA to print “hello world” in Kotlin. Steps: 1st step: Open Intellij IDEA then click create new project 2nd Step: Select Gradle from left side and select Java (not needed) & Kotlin… Read More »