Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:03)

By | October 14, 2017

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:03)



  • some important note of Kotlin that is filed level data or property has no default value in kotlin so we need to set initialize value of every field level data
  • In Kotlin method write using fun keyword .  similar others programming language method must be has a return type or void(has no return )


If you enter see left side project files you see a folder name out. expended the out folder you see the Employee file click to open this file you see the bytecode of your class . It’s only readonly. when you click to run the app , bytecode generate inside out folder using your code which is written in src folder in your project


the byteCode is looking similer this file . Dont worry if you not understand this after completing our full tutorial series we learn everything about this code


We will learn interesting feature of OOP contractor in next tutorial.


Happy Coding !!!

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