Kotlin Vs Java

By | October 8, 2017

Kotlin Vs Java

This part we try to find out similarity and difference between Kotlin and JavaJava is world most popular language and its the official language of Android Development. Google I/O conference was a big announcement that Kotlin is the ??latest/new  programming language for Android Application Development. Java & Kotlin both are feasible programming languages.

In our previous hello world application we print a line writing only 2 lines of code

if we write this code in JAVA too much boilerplate code is needed to run this code .

but if you see both of code you find out the similarity . Kotlin start from func but 2 code has start from main method and their signature are same . But Kotlin reduce boilerplate code to run simple hello world project .


Java is world most popular language and its the official language of Android Development . But the biggest issue is that Java 8 was a huge forward but in android project we can not use its feature cause android stuck in JAVA 7.

Java 8 support some functional programming feature such as lamda expression and functional interfaces, but core java is still a procedural language .

Advantages of Kotlin:

  • Java and Kotlin code existing side by sime in same project
  • no need to write to much boilerplate code
  • Easy learning curve
  • JAVA developer find similarity to work in Kotlin
  • Support in android

Disadvantages of Kotlin:

  • Smaller Community and documentation is not to good to understand .
  • Editor auto helper comes very slowly
  • 7000+ posts tagged for Kotlin on Stack Overflow other hand 1000000+ posts that contain java

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