How to setup percona database in CentOS 7.5

By | August 23, 2018

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This portion of tutorial we learn how to install percona database in CentOS 7.5 server and change default password 

Installing Percona Server from Percona yum repository

Install the packages. You can now install Percona Server by running 

Running Percona Server:

Starting the service

Status of the service

Stopping the service

Restarting the service

After successfully install percona server 5.7 . It create a default password we need to get this default password and change it . To get this default password write this command 

Sample outputs of root user default password

Change Percona mysql default password 

Enter mysql server using command line 

Then Enter password screen prompt write your desire password get from previous command in my case password is : 0fR)jBZ*7j%k

Then mysql coomand open then write this command 

in new password section write your own choice password and click enter then write exit

Then enter previous step and write new password if you enter successfully then you are completely update percona database password successfully 

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