How to install CentOS 7.5, nginx, PHP 7.2, PhpMyAdmin and nodeJS

By | August 20, 2018

CentOS is most popular linux distributor software for web server. There are many resource available but the problem is their is no compact series to work with  CentOS 7.5, nginx, PHP 7.2, PhpMyAdmin and nodeJS.

Most of the time developer is frustrated to finding resource which support everything but they can not find out exact solution . Nginx server setup they can’t understand properly what is named virtual host and ip based virtual host . Step by step series I share you everything about the solution .

  • Day 0: Basic instruction of server setup
  • Day 1: How to install and use NGINX on CentOS 7.5
  • Day 2 : We learn how to install PHP versition 7.2 and configure php fpm with nginx
  • Day 3 : We learn how to setup percona 5.7 database server instead of MySQL server
  • Day 4 : We learn how to create virtual host in nginx
  • Day 5: we learn how to setup phpmyadmin in nginx with centOS 7.5
  • Day 6 : We learn How to install nodeJS application in nginx and reverse proxy work

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