Laravel .dev virtual host problem

Before some days chrome remove .dev server http excess that cause many developer facing to much problem to create virtual host . In a small trick you can solve your problem. Use .test server instant of .dev in your virtual host .

inside your site- available folder create this file similer then restart your server and etc… Read More »

Laravel Installation On Shared Hostings

Unzip the main zip file and upload your public_html folder (Linux hosting user will not upload vendor folder) Give 777 permission to storage/ and bootstrap folder Create database in phpmyadmin and import .sql file from DB folder (db.sql) Set Database in .env file Move all public files to root folder in(public_html or your website folder) open index.php

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Mix in Elixir

Mix Hello World in Elixer before we move forward in code we need to learn about Mix. If you familiar with composer in PHP,  npm in NodeJS similer Mix is Bundler . It’s acrucial part of any Elixir project and in this lession we are explore its some best feature. Content we learn here New Porject Interactive Compilation Managing Dependencies… Read More »

Elixir for Beginners

Elixir is a dynamic functional programming language. Its build for salable and maintainable application. Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, its used in web development and embedded software domain . Before jump in deeper we first need to know why we need to learn Elixir . It’s fantastic for serving web… Read More »

encapsulation in Kotlin

Encapsulation in Kotlin: //Link of my previous tutorial about Object oriented programming in Kotlin . Complete below part first to better understand // Kotlin OOP part 1 Kotlin OOP part 2 Kotlin OOP part 3 Kotlin OOP part 4 There are four visibility modifiers in Kotlin. private, protected, internal and public. We learn every part step by step… Read More »

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:04)

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:04) OOP in kotlin is one of the most important topic in kotlin language. We will refactoring our code, in this part of this tutorial. If you see our below code we refactor our code in OOP way but line is not reduce. So we need more refactoring our code. Another note: Create object… Read More »

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:03)

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:03)

  note: some important note of Kotlin that is filed level data or property has no default value in kotlin so we need to set initialize value of every field level data In Kotlin method write using fun keyword .  similar others programming language method must be has a return type or… Read More »

Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin (Part:02)

Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin (Part:02) In previous part, we already had discuss why object oriented programming in kotlin is needed then started discussion about kotlin Class, kotlin Object.  Every object has two parts: has: “has” means which element present in this object does(): “does” means which work is done. In this part, we will try to solve our previous problem… Read More »

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:01)

Object Oriented Programming Kotlin (Part:01) Kotlin language supports OOP (Object Orientated Programming). Before writing any OOP code we first need to know why object oriented programming in kotlin is needed. We can solve any type of problem using procedural oriented way. So why we learn object oriented programming . For a simple example we learn the answer of why… Read More »