How to setup phpMyAdmin in NGINX CentOS 7.5

phpMyAdmin is a free software tools written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MYSQL over the web. In our case we access percona database from phpmyadmin I created sub domain for accessing phpMyAdmin Important note phpMyAdmin version 4.8 is not compatible with PHP7.2 that cause we use phpMyAdmin development  version 5  First enter /usr/share/nginx/html location 

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How to setup percona database in CentOS 7.5

Percona’s industry-leading architecture design consultants have full stack expertise to build databases in hosted and private, public and hybrid cloud environments that are optimized and scale for growth while minimizing application downtime and operational costs. This portion of tutorial we learn how to install percona database in CentOS 7.5 server and change default password  Installing Percona Server from… Read More »

How to configure PHP FPM in NGINX CenotOS 7.5

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites This part of this tutorial series we learn how to configure PHP-FPM 7,2 in NGINX server. Previous part of this tutorial we already install php-fpm . Turn on PHP fpm for nginx

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How to install PHP 7.2 on CentOS 7.5

php is backend programming language to render dynamic website . This part this tutorial series we learn how to install PHP 7.2 on CentOS 7.5  Turn on EPEL repo on a CentOS

sample output

then remi repo too:

sample output:

Install yum-utils packages too:

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How to install and use NGINX on CentOS 7.5

Nginx [engine x]  is free and open source high performance web server. This part of this tutorial series we learn how to install and use NGINX in CentOS latest version (7.5) Enter your cloud server using putty and login using your cloud server root user name and password  Step 1: I use my favorite editor nano. First check nano… Read More »

How to install CentOS 7.5, nginx, PHP 7.2, PhpMyAdmin and nodeJS

CentOS is most popular linux distributor software for web server. There are many resource available but the problem is their is no compact series to work with  CentOS 7.5, nginx, PHP 7.2, PhpMyAdmin and nodeJS. Most of the time developer is frustrated to finding resource which support everything but they can not find out exact solution . Nginx server… Read More »

Laravel .dev virtual host problem

Before some days chrome remove .dev server http excess that cause many developer facing to much problem to create virtual host . In a small trick you can solve your problem. Use .test server instant of .dev in your virtual host .

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Laravel Installation On Shared Hostings

Unzip the main zip file and upload your public_html folder (Linux hosting user will not upload vendor folder) Give 777 permission to storage/ and bootstrap folder Create database in phpmyadmin and import .sql file from DB folder (db.sql) Set Database in .env file Move all public files to root folder in(public_html or your website folder) open index.php

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Mix in Elixir

Mix Hello World in Elixer before we move forward in code we need to learn about Mix. If you familiar with composer in PHP,  npm in NodeJS similer Mix is Bundler . It’s acrucial part of any Elixir project and in this lession we are explore its some best feature. Content we learn here New Porject Interactive Compilation Managing Dependencies… Read More »